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do i have power?

Yes! Power is provided by generators.

There are a couple things to know:

  • Because generators are essentially a powerful engine, there is sound associated with their use. We have set them back from the campers and created a sound barrier (who knew hay bales block an enormous amount of sound!) to baffle as much sound as possible.

  • Please don’t use the induction stove during and 30 minutes after the time that someone is taking a shower. Our campers have been thoughtfully designed to be as efficient and low draw as possible, and this one use modification allows us to use a smaller generator.

  • We ask our guests to be mindful of their power usage by shutting off the heating and cooling unit when they are out and about, shutting off lights, and turning off any devices that might be running while plugged in and not in use.

  • Generators require pretty continual maintenance, so you may see us adding gas or changing the oil throughout the day.

What is a composting toilet like?

They are surprisingly awesome! Because of the composting drum, the toilets are a little larger than you might be used to and sit a little higher off the ground. However, they are self-contained, so all you have to do is pull a lever and do your business. Each toilet is filled with peat moss as a composting medium, and you add 2 cups per day. As you use the toilet and 'flush' by turning a crank, a fan evaporates extra moisture and a small heater keeps the mixture at the temperature where it will compost the fastest. These toilets are odorless, use no water, and generate no toxic waste. The end result is real compost that is suitable for spreading around trees and bushes.

So how do I have water?

Each camper has a 40-gallon under-mounted tank. 40 gallons should be enough to last guests 2 days, but we top off the water tanks daily with potable water. We also provide drinking water in gallon containers in each refrigerator.

We ask that everyone be mindful of their water usage, though, by limiting showers to 6 minutes and turning off faucets while you brush your teeth or clean dishes.

do i have hot water?

Yes! Each camper has a 6-gallon hot water heater. That is on the smaller side, so it allows for approximately 6-minute showers and takes about 20 minutes to heat up for the next hot water use.

do i have a/c and heat?

Yes! Our campers are extremely well insulated so they hold their temperature well. We ask that you turn off the heating and cooling unit when you are not actively living inside the camper though to help reduce the gas consumption of our generators.

What's an induction stove?

Induction cooking uses electromagnetic energy vs. open flames on gas cooktops or heated coils on electric ones. It requires cookware to be magnetic in order to conduct electromagnetic energy, so you’ve got to use the cookware we provide. This system is pretty cool though - it heats food extremely quickly, the cooktop is cool to the touch, and it doesn’t transfer heat to the air (a major plus for such a small space!)

Why do i have to use your bath and body products?

All of our products are biodegradable, which means that all of our wastewater is safe to reuse in irrigating the surrounding vegetation and being absorbed into the ground.


Our supplier for all of the bath, body, and cleaning supplies in our campers is the Good Fill. These great folks run a zero-waste operation and pride themselves in providing the highest quality products that are also safe and earth-friendly. All of their products are synthetic-free, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, 100% biodegradable, paraben-free, soy-free, gluten-free, dye-free, palm oil-free. 

Can I bring kids?

Yes! Our campers sleep 2 adults in queen-sized beds, and the banquet seating area converts to a small twin bed ( 68" L x 32.5" W) that could sleep one child. If you need more sleeping space, add on our canvas safari tent*. We'll pitch it for you, but bring your own sleeping bags and pillows! 

*Sorry, this safari tent add on is for kids only.

Can I bring dogs?

Sorry, given the small size of our spaces, we can't accommodate dogs at this time.


Please contact us, we are happy to help!

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